Social Development Studies Center (SODEC) is a research center under the Department of Social Development and Welfare within the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences Universitas Gadjah Mada (PSdK FISIPOL UGM). Our vision is to become an institution for research and community service in the field of social development. SODEC conducts research activities, community services, training, and publications with a focus on the issues of social policy, community empowerment, and corporate social responsibility. 

SODEC’s scope includes, but not limited to, social mapping research and needs assessment for CSR programs and general development, program evaluation in the form of monitoring and evaluation, community satisfaction index and economic multiplier effects, social license index for CSR programs, and exit strategy studies. In addition, SODEC also provides consulting and assistance services for CSR programs, regulations drafting, planning formulation, and institutionalizing development programs.

Social Mapping

Our mixed-method data gathering (household survey, in-depth interviews, and FGD) aims at understanding the conditions for sustainable livelihood in an area. Social mapping produces a further analysis of actors in society. The government, businesses, and the general public then utilize the data to map out the appropriate community development programs based on the conditions and problems at hand.

Social License Index

Social License Index (SLI) is a quantitative research design to describe perception levels of governments, NGOs, communities, and other business entities regarding the industrial activities in their region. SLI results are useful to determine the right stakeholder engagement strategy in complex social, economic, political, and environmental dynamics.

Innovation Study

An interdisciplinary study that involves a variety of relevant subjects to the areas being studied. Innovation studies provide an overview of potential innovative efforts following the goals of sustainable development socially, economically, and environmentally.

Public Satisfaction Index

Measuring community or empowerment program recipients regarding the 14 aspects of program implementation starting from planning, processes, outputs, to the benefits received.

Monitoring and Evaluation

Monitoring and Evaluation is a study of the achievement of a program's goals compared to the initial plan. The analysis in this study is based on a logical framework from input to impact.

Economic Multiplier Effect

The study of the economic multiplier effect aims to provide an overview of program implementation's impact on the circulation of money, income, and employment in a region.

Social Return on Investment

The SROI study presents the economic, social, and environmental impacts experienced by stakeholders due to implementing a program and compares the value of the impact on the investment spent.

Data Review

Data review is useful for reviewing the community empowerment criteria fulfillment in a program. This activity resulted in several corrective actions and plans for future program development.

Assistance and Consulting Services

In collaboration with program organizers, SODEC provides advisory services in the field and consultations for program development. CSR program assistance to corporate partners is done by Community Development Officers (CDOs) placements in the field. The CDOs are alumni of PSdK FISIPOL UGM.

CSR Organization Training

Training aims to equip those in charge, decision-makers, and implementers of CSR programs within the company. We are providing training related to CSR program management and strategies for implementing Community Development in the Community. community development di masyarakat.

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